My Experience Using CBD Oil & Why I Would Absolutely Recommend It


Well, it’s safe to say that the new year has gone off to a pretty good start. I’ve been aiming to eat healthy (dropping a couple of pounds in the process – go me), I’ve been going to the gym again, and I’m putting my all into my day job and my uni work. I’ve also been lucky enough to land a collaboration with Salve Herbal, a company which specialises in providing high-quality CBD products. As a sufferer of anxiety, I’d heard how effective these oils can be in relieving pain and giving a general calming effect – without the psychoactive effects of, well, weed – so I was more than eager to try it for myself and see how it affected me personally.

The company, based in Covent Garden, provides a range of products, ranging from 5% to 20% hemp oil drops. I’ve been using the 5% drops, which you can buy here – with a cheeky little 5% discount.

I thought the best way to give an insight into how these drops work, and ultimately, how they actually make you feel, would be to make a good old-fashioned bullet point list of a few things to know before incorporating CBD oil into your life.

Doing a Work Placement in London: My Sneak Preview of Life in the Capital


Being a Journalism Studies student at the University of Sheffield, I had the amazing opportunity of undertaking a work placement at the Press Association for a week towards the end of June. The experience itself was a whole host of things, positive and negative; liberating, scary, eye-opening, and stressful. All at the same time.

I’ve been to London countless times for sunny weekend breaks, but I’ve never had the chance to stay for longer than two or three days. So I got to see a whole different side of London during the week I stayed there – away from the bustling tourist hotspots to a vibrant, deadline-laden office next to Victoria Station. Long story short, it was pretty interesting.

Here’s a few things I learned.

Don’t Get Drunk & Break Your Ankle – It’s Shit!


It’s safe to say I’ve had a pretty eventful time of it these last couple of weeks. I thought I’d write a little blog post/timeline of breaking my ankle and my stay in hospital. Something to do while I can’t walk, I suppose!

Things I Want To Achieve Before I’m 25


The dreaded 23 is slowly but surely approaching, and I’m shitting my knickers. 22 has been full of madness and fun and life lessons and me skipping around singing “I’m feeling twenty-twooo” but the age 23 just reminds me of Blink 182’s ‘What’s My Age Again?’ in which it’s repeated that ‘nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three’.

Ways To Feel Better, As Tried & Tested


It’s funny how time heals practically all wounds. This time last month I was an absolute mess, but thank heavens I’m back to my normal self again now, and it feels bloody fantastic. It’s taken time, but I’ve kept busy and had plenty of fun and interesting experiences over the last couple of weeks and I can safely say that all is well again.