My Experience Using CBD Oil & Why I Would Absolutely Recommend It


Well, it’s safe to say that the new year has gone off to a pretty good start. I’ve been aiming to eat healthy (dropping a couple of pounds in the process – go me), I’ve been going to the gym again, and I’m putting my all into my day job and my uni work. I’ve also been lucky enough to land a collaboration with Salve Herbal, a company which specialises in providing high-quality CBD products. As a sufferer of anxiety, I’d heard how effective these oils can be in relieving pain and giving a general calming effect – without the psychoactive effects of, well, weed – so I was more than eager to try it for myself and see how it affected me personally.

The company, based in Covent Garden, provides a range of products, ranging from 5% to 20% hemp oil drops. I’ve been using the 5% drops, which you can buy here – with a cheeky little 5% discount.

I thought the best way to give an insight into how these drops work, and ultimately, how they actually make you feel, would be to make a good old-fashioned bullet point list of a few things to know before incorporating CBD oil into your life.

  • No, CBD oil isn’t going to get you high.
    I think there’s still a bit of stigma around the whole idea of taking CBD products because people tend to assume that it’s going to make you feel the same as you would if you smoked weed. This isn’t the case. Cannabis is made up of both CBD and THC; it’s the latter that provides the psychoactive effects so commonly associated with cannabis. CBD oil is specially produced to eliminate THC, a.k.a. the stuff that gets you high.
  • But it does make you feel very relaxed and mellowed out.
    …Which is the main reason why people use CBD products, after all. As soon as I used the drops, I felt this huge wave of calm come over me. My head became clearer, I was able to work productively without stressing, and I felt as chilled out as I would after having a spa day or meditating for half an hour. I couldn’t believe what a huge effect just a drop of the stuff had on me.
  • It alleviates pain.
    It’s been scientifically proven that CBD oil does relieve pain, ranging from mild to chronic. So when I found myself with a really bad migraine, I was eager to try a couple of the drops, purely to see if they worked as a painkiller. And within about ten minutes, I was completely pain-free.
  • It also alleviated my anxiety.
    I definitely go through ups and downs when it comes to anxiety. I’ll be completely fine for weeks or even months, and then something in my life will happen and I’ll have a really bad period of anxiety. Then I’ll be fine again, and the cycle continues. Having gone through a shitty couple of months and being in my third year of uni, my anxiety has been pretty bad lately. But I can honestly say that I’ve improved so much since I started taking the CBD oil. I’m calmer, easier to talk to and be around, more focused, and SO much less anxious.
  • How much you take per day all depends on your tolerance.
    When it comes to figuring out how many drops to take per day, or as and when you need it, it all depends on your own tolerance. It states on the label to take 2-3 drops throughout the day, and for me that’s worked just fine. There have been days where I’ve only taken it once and still felt the full benefits, so how often and how much you take it all depends on your own preference.

Don’t forget to click the link to the website above for an exclusive 5% discount. If you’ve tried CBD oil for yourself, let me know how you found it by commenting on this post. I’d love to know if it was as effective for you guys as it was for me!

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