How the New Yes to Tomatoes Range Transformed My Skin

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I’ve struggled with my skin for as long as I can remember, so I was pretty ecstatic when I tried a few products from the Yes to Tomatoes range and my skin was practically transformed in a matter of days.

My oily skin, tendency to get outbreaks at a certain time every month and my gigantic pores have been an annoyance to me since puberty. I’ve tried so many different products and while some have been pretty good, others have been, well, not so good. That’s why I was so pleased when I used some of the Yes to Tomatoes products and actually saw a real difference in my skin.

Yes to has five different collections, each made from all-natural ingredients: charcoal, cucumber, grapefruit, cucumber and, of course, tomatoes, which are a natural source of antioxidants. They also contain salicylic acid, which is renowned for its bacteria-fighting properties. The products are stocked in Boots, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett, Asos, Tesco and, as of very recently, Sainsburys.

Here’s the products I tried:

Detoxifying Charcoal SnapMASK Stick

This amazing product is perfect for those who love nothing more than a good face mask, but who don’t have time to sit around and let it dry for 15 minutes. After rolling it onto your skin (which is really fun, may I add), it takes just five minutes to dry. I couldn’t believe how soft my skin felt after, and how much my pores had appeared to just shrink. I’m now using the mask around three times a week to keep my skin looking nice and clear.

Detoxifying Charcoal Zit Zapping Dots

Probably the most fun skincare product I’ve ever used, these little things are fab. Similar to a sticker, all you have to do is peel the dots from the plastic backing and gently press it onto the zit. You can keep them on for up to 10 hours, so I applied mine before bed and slept in them. When I woke up, I peeled them off and my spots had reduced so much in size. They’re great for when you get a huge spot the day before a date or an important event, and you want to get rid of it quickly. This tends to happen to me pretty often, so having these in my bathroom cabinet is a life-saver.

Blemish Fighting Paper Mask

This super-easy to use mask felt amazing on my face, and gave me a decent enough excuse to lay down and do nothing for 10 minutes. Any excuse, right? I’ve tried loads of sheet masks since they became popular, and this one is definitely up there with the best. I often come down with a bit of an allergic reaction with certain brands, but there was none of that with the paper mask from the Yes to Tomatoes range. My skin felt so fresh afterwards, and I had a healthy glow.

Blemish Clearing Face Wipes

I’ve found with a lot of face wipes that they can scratch your skin and leave it looking quite red, especially with mine, so these ones made a nice change and actually left my skin looking fab. I’ve been using these every evening, and they truly have made such a difference.

When it comes to fighting breakouts without breaking the bank, I couldn’t recommend this skincare brand enough.


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