GeoSure: The App That Every Solo Female Traveller Needs on Their Phone


Having travelled to a fair few places by myself, I know just how important it is to ensure safety is a top priority. Unfortunately, not everywhere is as safe for solo female travellers as others – which is why it’s crucial to plan ahead, and be aware of any potential dangers wherever it is you’re staying.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s awful that when you decide to visit certain places as a solo female traveller, you’re going to be put in some potentially dangerous situations, and you have to take extra care to make sure you keep safe. Unfortunately, we live in a shitty world.

Of course, there are the basics: keep in well-lit, public areas when it’s dark, make sure at least one person knows where you’re going, and just don’t be a bloody idiot.*

* – As of yet, I’ve struggled to conquer the last one. But I’m getting there. Slowly but surely.

But what else can you do?

I’ve just recently discovered a new app called GeoSure, designed especially for females travelling solo. And oh my God, it is AMAZING. It’s free to download on Android and iOS – all you need is a functioning smartphone.

How does it work?

One thing I love about the app is how quick, easy and simple it is to figure out. Let’s say you’re going to Budapest for the weekend. All you need to do is type the city name into the search bar, and GeoSure gives it a score out of 100.

The lower the score, the safer the place.

The safety aspect is then broken down into six categories:

  • Theft
  • Physical harm
  • Political freedoms
  • Health & medical
  • LGBTQ safety
  • Women’s safety

GeoSure uses something called GeoSafeScores to calculate each place’s score. It calculates the scores based on the crime statistics in that area, health and economic data, real-time reports and mapping technologies.

What’s more, after you’ve visited a place you can also submit your own feedback, and the app then uses this data to update the score.

Even if you travel very sparingly, it’s still such a useful app to have on your phone. It just allows you to be more proactive and aware of what’s going on when you’re about to travel somewhere new.

Stay safe on your travels my hunz.





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