The 5 Skincare Products I’m Swearing By This Summer

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I’ve always been a massive lover of skincare and beauty products, and spend way more of my income on it than I do on clothes and shoes. I’ll quite happily spend a hefty amount on some good makeup and cosmetic products, but would say no to spending the same amount on a new dress. Having always been this way, it seems a bit odd that I’ve never actually written a beauty-related blog post before. 

This blog has always primarily been about travel and my personal life, so I was quite surprised when I asked my Instagram followers in a poll which content they’d rather see on my blog (lifestyle or travel) and most of them voted for lifestyle.

So, here you go guys… my first proper “lifestyle” post, and the first of many to come! Here are the five skincare products I’ll be swearing by during my backpacking trip and the rest of the summer.

1. Silk Hydration SPF30 Protective Sun Lotion by Hawaiian Tropic


This silky smooth product will be my go-to sun lotion all summer. It smells better than any product I’ve ever used, isn’t greasy or shiny, and it lasts for up to 12 hours. A really important factor that a surprising number of mainstream sun lotion providers don’t take into consideration is protection from UVA/UVB rays, but this one has got that covered. It’s also water resistant, so I won’t need to re-apply every time I go in and out the pool. At £7.99 from Boots it’s not too bad in terms of cost, but considering the bottle is fairly small I can see why people would think it’s a bit pricey. Being a bit of a stingy gal myself, I would honestly say that it’s worth it. You don’t need to apply much of it, and it does last for a really long time. And did I mention the smell is to die for?

2. Coconut Coffee Scrub by Grounded

If you’re in need of a decent exfoliating product that IS actually decent, these coffee scrubs by Grounded Coffee Scrub are ah-may-zing. Priced at around £8.00 in most major supermarkets, the scrubs are available in a whole host of exotic flavours. I’m a bit obsessed with coconut so I had to get it in that flavour, obvs. These scrubs come in waterproof paper packaging, so you can take them into the shower without worrying about the paper disintegrating. They’re made with ground Robusta coffee beans, Himalayan rock salt and brown sugar, and the slightly rougher texture ensures every bit of dead skin is taken care of. I’m not gonna lie, it’s messy, but it’s the best exfoliator I’ve ever used.

3. Aloe Vera Gel with Tea Tree by Aloe Pura

I’ve sworn by aloe vera gel for years because of its moisturising and healing properties, so I usually pick up a bottle once every month or so from Holland & Barrett. This stuff is perfect to moisturise with after using a good exfoliator like the one above. It’s also so so good for sunburn and any red, dry, or irritated skin. You can apply it anywhere on your body and your face, thanks to it being an all-natural, perfume, colour and additive-free product. If you’re not a huge fan of the intense tea tree scent, Aloe Pura also sells regular aloe vera gel with nothing extra added.

4. Purifying Facial Masque by Sukin

I’ve used a lot of face masks in my time, and by that I mean probably about 50. And I can honestly say that this Sukin mask, a £5.99 steal from T.K. Maxx (of all places!) is the best one I’ve ever used. It’s a pink clay mask made from kaolin clay, aloe vera and rose hip, as well as other all-natural ingredients. It doesn’t include any additives or harmful ingredients like harsh detergents, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or parabens. What’s more, it contains no animal derivatives, AND it’s carbon neutral. If that isn’t an eco-friendly face mask, I don’t know what is. You don’t need to apply a lot of this product for it to work wonders on your skin, so it lasts absolutely ages. I usually keep the mask on for about 20 minutes, and it’s so easy to rinse off. Afterwards, my skin feels so clean and fresh and my pores are completely de-clogged. If you can’t find it at a bargain in T.K. Maxx like I did, just search online.

5. Shea Body Mist by The Body Shop

As well as coconut and aloe vera, shea is one of my favourite summer scents. I’ve had this shea body mist for a while and it smells absolutely divine. It’s the perfect spritz to carry around with you in your beach bag on holiday, and it lasts for hours. I’ll be spraying myself with this over the top of a generous layer of aloe vera gel when I’m on me jollies next month. At £8.00 a bottle and considering that it does last a really long time, it’s pretty reasonably priced.


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