15 Little Ways to Make the Most of the Glorious Weather


If you’re reading this from the sunny paradise that the UK has suddenly turned into, after what seems like 435 years of snow and bitter cold, you’ll probably be feeling those long-awaited summer vibes. The warm breeze and long days of sunshine are definitely getting me excited for everything else that summer holds in store for me. I think something that inevitably comes along with a British heatwave is that suddenly, on pretty much every form of social media, it’s sun overload. People are getting out and enjoying the sun and it’s on everyone’s Snapchat and Insta stories. And those who can’t spend time outside due to work commitments end up feeling like utter shit, with a serious bout of FOMO.
The whole aim of this post is to reassure those with commitments which just happen to be indoors that there are small ways, however fleeting, to sample the nice weather and boost those much-needed Vitamin D levels. Here are 22 little ways you can make the most of the nice weather.

1. Sign up to BorrowMyDoggy and take a dog for a walk around the local park.

2. Eat dinner in your back garden with an obligatory glass of Pimm’s. 

3. Instead of going to the gym, go for a run outside.

4. Avoid public transport and walk to your destination instead.

5. Invest in a good summery book and sit outside on your lunch break.

6. If you live in a city, take advantage of the ofo bike-sharing app.

7. Download a good meditation app and meditate outside when you wake up.

8. Instead of going straight home after work, go to your favourite outdoor spot.

9. Search for any outdoor markets taking place near where you live.

10. Round up whoever’s free and have an after-work barbecue in the park (obvs). 

11. Go to an outdoor fitness boot camp class or an organised run.

12. Buy a cheap paddling pool and relive your childhood.

13. See if there’s any roof bars or beer gardens where you live and round up the troops.

14. Play Pokemon Go. It’s still a thing, isn’t it? I wouldn’t know.

15. If you have more than a couple of hours, go somewhere for a picnic.

Some of these are painfully obvious, I know, but it’s amazing just how people who have to be indoors for most of the day forget about the small ways they can enjoy the sun. All they’re seeing on their social media feeds are people spending the day at a beer garden, sunbathing in their back garden or at the beach. But, whether it’s before work, after work or on your lunch break – there are loads of things you can do.




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