Ways To Feel Better, As Tried & Tested


It’s funny how time heals practically all wounds. This time last month I was an absolute mess, but thank heavens I’m back to my normal self again now, and it feels bloody fantastic. It’s taken time, but I’ve kept busy and had plenty of fun and interesting experiences over the last couple of weeks and I can safely say that all is well again. When you’re feeling a bit low and people tell you just to get out there, keep busy and reward yourself with new experiences, they’re completely right. The last couple of weeks have seen me go places and do things in Sheffield that I’ve always wanted to do, but never really had the time. Anyway, if you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps and want nothing more than to feel inspired and content with life again, here are some simple ways you can do just that.

Go to the theatre.

It had been years since I’d gone to the theatre, so when my pal Rosie offered me a free ticket to see a play at the Lyceum I was more than happy to say yes. She was writing a review for Forge Press, Sheffield University’s newspaper, which meant good seats and even a cheeky little complimentary tipple during the interval. The play was great, and it was just lovely to get out on a school night and have a ‘cultured’ evening with good company and do something a bit different. While we were at the Lyceum another email came through offering free tickets to two more plays the next night, which were at the Moor Theatre Delicatessen, a smaller, more independent theatre down the road. So yep, we saw three plays in two days, and it was really inspiring. It made me realize that the theatre is actually fab, and is a place I’d want to go much more often.


Spend time with your ‘rents.

I was back in good old Grimsby at the weekend to visit family and celebrate my Dad’s 50th birthday. Not only was it lovely to surprise my Dad with a present we all chipped in for and see him so happy, but it was great to just walk along the seafront with my Mum and stepdad and eat fish and chips like when I was little. The fish was claggy as hell, mind you, but it was nice to just get out and about and see the sea. Living an hour and a half away in Sheffield, for me, is the perfect distance, and means I can go home for the weekend about once a month and see my famalam. When I lived in Portugal and Dublin I used to get so depressed – there was an 8-month period when I didn’t see my family, and it was awful. Living close to home, but not too close, is actually ideal.


Go on a date.

Cliché as fuck, but one of the best ways to feel better about yourself is to just get yourself out there and go on a date. This isn’t to say that going on a date with just about anyone will suffice – you’ll probably leave feeling worse than you did when you arrived. But find someone nice who actually wants to take you out and treat you well and s’all good! And that’s all I’m saying on that matter. 🙂

Cook something new.

I’m a bit of a shameless foodie, so cooking a new recipe always makes me feel better and more productive. My latest find is chicken tagiatelle with mozzarella and fresh parsley with a side of garlic bread. It’s really simple to make but so delicious. Get in the kitchen, pour yourself a glass of wine and stick a good song on to cook to, and you’re bound to feel a bit better, even if it’s only a tiny bit! It makes me feel better, anyway.

I struggled to write this today, if I’m honest. I’m so bogged down with uni work and I have a to-do list the length of the Eiffel Tower, but I’m ticking one off by writing this post! I’m just glad I’m feeling better and I’m back to my normal, chatty, loud, slightly alcoholic self. (It’s the northern-ness, I swear).


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